Buying a set-top box: part 2?

Personally, I'm not into streaming all that much (can't be when the fastest internet around you is 1 megabit/s (~150kb/s)) so I thought that it would be neat if could use the table made by The Verge's staff to create a list of features helpful for people who rely on LAN and local files. File support or LAN streaming protocols are examples of things that could be listed.

I started working on the graph (very rough draft) and showing the type of things we could list. If you feel that we should do it, then help me gather a list of features that should be on there, devices that should be there, and once we get a complete list a features, then some people can help by listing a hardware's features that match the table.

I will be cleaning the white lines between the grey squares and removing unneeded rows & columns. I have the required font to add new categories and devices (FF-DIN).