I'm SpA, the company behind the Android-powered I'm watch, blew well past it's promised April 15th ship date and has finally come clean with everybody who pre-ordered the watch in an email. In it, the president and CEO explain that they have faced difficulties and "unforeseen events that have surpassed any logical expectation" which caused the delay, but that the real reason is that they gave into the "temptation" of adding new features instead of just shipping. Unfortunately, what exactly those features are isn't exactly clear, the pair only say that it can "handle a larger number of apps than initially expected." Whether that refers to multitasking or greater app compatibility isn't at all clear.

To make up for the delay, the company will be giving a 15 percent discount to everybody who pre-ordered, but the wait will be a bit longer. They claim an initial batch of 300 watches will ship on June 15th, with the rest starting to roll out in mid-July and the last of the pre-orders shipping no later than September 15th. If you feel burned by the wait (or decide that you can't stomach a watch running Android 1.6), I'm SpA is offering full refunds.