Home Screen Warzone

I'm very bored right now. You know, that point where you know you should go to bed but you really don't want to?

So here I am, holding my new iPad (iOS 5.1.1), enjoying the spinning icons as I rapidly and repeatedly rotate the device from portrait to landscape to portrait to upside-down portrait, etc... feel free to judge me.

Well I had this fun idea of attempting to open a folder as the rotation animation occurred. The resulting mess certainly vindicated my time-wasting:


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Now, I know this glitch is nothing new, but I think I came across a pretty foolproof way to invoke it.

If this is already common knowledge, my apologies, and I will happily remove this post.


UPDATE: It gets weirder.

Apparently, as you scroll through the screen, the app in the top left corner changes. Who said iOS didn't have live icons?


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via i1069.photobucket.com