Sony will be releasing an Android 4.0 update for the Tablet P on May 24th, nearly a month after its Tablet S was updated. While both devices were supposed to get the new software around the end of April, Tablet P users will have to endure Honeycomb for another week before they get the good stuff. In addition to "Small Apps" that let you open a miniature browser window, calculator, or remote control on top of supported apps like the browser, the update will also let you jump straight to the camera from the lock screen and take panoramic photographs. The new browser also lets you switch between mobile and desktop versions of a site with a single button, something we're surprised more companies aren't offering.

The press release we're looking at about the Tablet P update is for Japan, so we can't say for sure that it'll happen on the 24th everywhere. That said, assuming the Japanese and international releases go out on the same day — like they did for the Tablet S — you should be prompted to initiate the over-the-air download sometime next Thursday (provided you're connected to Wi-Fi).