The next iPhone will have a larger screen than the 3.5-inch form factor that has characterized Apple's smartphone through all five of its iterations so far — that's what The Wall Street Journal told us two days ago, Reuters affirmed yesterday, and Bloomberg is reiterating today. An extra bit of information coming out of Bloomberg, however, is that Apple's former CEO, Steve Jobs, "had worked closely on the redesigned phone before his death in October."

Back in 2010, Jobs famously criticized the move to larger form factors, opining that "no one's going to buy" a big phone, though the overwhelming trend since then — particularly in Apple's home market of the United States — has been toward ever-larger devices. Today's revelation would suggest that Apple's reconsideration of the iPhone's size wasn't a post-Jobs epiphany and that the company's longtime leader had himself seen the value in enlarging the handset to better compete in an evolving smartphone market.