Google I/O schedule out. No tablet specific sessions. :-(

Over on Android Central, they announced yesterday that the schedule for Google I/O 2012 is out. One of the things I have been aching for is not Jelly Bean announcements, but evidence of the "doubling down" on tablets. To that end, a greater push for much more high quality tablet optimised apps. Not just phone apps stretched.

I look at the schedule, and see nothing to that end. Zip.

I'm still hoping that I don't understand how the sessions run and there is really some tablet stuff in there, but as it stands, I don't see any tablet focus at all. I'm beginning to think that Google thinks that Android tablets aren't selling more in line with their projections because the hardware or underlying OS isn't up to scratch. I.e. all the Nexus tablet rumours we're hearing. I don't think this is the case at all.

I've been patiently waiting for the Transformer Infinity 700. But while I've been waiting, I've been collecting a list of the tablet optimised apps that I will be using as my Transformer is going to be a productivity tool and media consumption device. And I can tell you, whereas Apple inspires a rush from developers to update their apps, Google gets a trickle of updated tablet apps. It's depressing. PCMag did what I thought was a frank and fair overview of Android and iOS tablet apps, and though a number of Android tablet apps suck, the arguments for why they do often don't hold water.

ICS has got, and is getting, great media buzz. I sit hear with my Galaxy Nexus really satisfied. Google needs to create the same push and buzz with their tablets. Flooding the market, Samsung style, with cheap tablets is a vexing way of getting market share (though you won't see me argue that it doesn't work because unfortunately it does).

We need more than market share. We need quality tablet apps.