A More Swap-able Linen

I think most people aren't completely sold on iOS' linen for multiple reasons. I can see why it's really good to use. For one, it's a neutral grey so it always provides a good backdrop for text. But then, really, that's already happening with homescreens on iOS, and you can literally put anything you want there.

I actually feel like Apple is thinking over the ability for a user to change linen with anything they want, or at least Apple-approved (Appleroved! I just invented a new word!) alternatives. I think this because today I was looking at Apple's stock wallpapers and I was flipping through the Wallpaper page like a mad man in the Settings app and I noticed that there is this completely useless page:


I think Apple is going to change this menu to say Backgrounds with an option to change both "wallpapers" and "backdrop textures" (or just "textures" idk).

What do you think?