I left Facebook for Google+.

So I deleted my Facebook account yesterday. I did replace it with a new clean account since I need to use it for research purposes, but I've added no friends. It's a ghost town.

Facebook is a bit odd - it's perceived as a way of "staying in touch". But it's not. It's an endless list of information of what friends & former friends are listening to, what games they're playing, some jokes that originated from Twitter and what parties they've been to. You're not staying in touch, you're just wasting hours every day digesting this information - without really talking to these people. They post a joke, you type LOL. They post a baby photo, you say AWWW. How often have you had a real conversation with someone on Facebook?

When I deleted my account on Facebook I was presented with a list of my best friends. It said that "David will miss you", "Chloë will miss you", "Sara will miss you", etc. As if Facebook ever was the only method for staying in touch with someone. They were the last muscle contractions of Facebook's algorithm in action, before my account died out.

I felt like I was wasting too much time on Facebook. My time there felt like endless hours just consuming shallow information. I can imagine that people absolutely love it, it's based on psychological needs for recognition, attention, and social sharing. But in the end nothing happens with it. Why do I need to have 500+ friends on it? What happens if more than 50 people commented on my post, saying LOL and hehe?

Nothing happens.

Google+ is different in that respect. The discussions are substantial, the more followers you have the higher the chance that people will notice what you posted. And the more exposure your posts have the better informed you'll get about the topic you just posted on. People are keen on sharing their knowledge, and it is what gives Google+ this nice "TED Talks feel".

So for now I've said farewell to Facebook. We had a nice ride, I had fun, but in the end I found out you were a case of style over substance. So I had to move on.