Fans of NBC's Community are no stranger to bizarre and unexpected twists, since the show's creator has often taken dramatic license with its format from episode to episode. And Thursday's finale, set in a beautifully conceived video game world, is probably one of the most unique and exciting primetime episodes of television we've seen in some time. The episode tracks the Greendale Community College's infamous study group as it travels through a roguelike retro gameworld in pursuit of an inheritance left for the group's eldest character, Pierce Hawthorne (played by Chevy Chase). While the game itself is obviously a far-fetched creation, it's a joy to watch the characters figure out how to grapple with its challenges as they face off against a devious archenemy played by the inimitable Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad).

While newcomers to the highly self-referential show may find themselves at a loss for context in the third season, the Digital Estate Planning episode is still sure to please anybody with an appreciation for retro gaming and playful screenwriting. Be sure to check out the full episode on Hulu below — and lend your support for Community creator Dan Harmon, who was just inexplicably ousted by NBC, if you like what you see.