The tech industry — and especially startup community — has a reputation for not holding too much regard for the corporate hierarchies of old (just look at Valve, a company that says it doesn't have a single manager), and one place where that shows are the titles that companies hand out. According to job search website, listings containing the word "ninja" have increased by about 2756 percent since May 2006 (up from just 18 to a current total of 469). Other terms like "Jedi" and "rockstar" have also seen a large bump. The whole thing is just a way for companies to show that they have got some attitude and pizazz, instead of just posting a listing asking for a boring old coder. Of course, with such an increase in the usage of these terms, these "fun" titles are losing all of their meaning (e.g. we've met representatives from cellphone companies with the title "Press Ninja" on their business cards), so what's next? Here are a few ideas: "swamp monster," "cyborg," "bounty hunter," "fembot," "troll," and "alien" — all of which you'll find conspicuously missing from our very own job listings.