Any good ROMs for the original Moto Droid?

A bit of background: I'm pretty new to the Android ecosystem, and Ice Cream Sandwich is the first version I've tried. I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and flashed it with CM9 Reloaded, which - apart from a little issue with the charger - is working just great. Now I want to get a cheap Android phone, just to test the waters and see if I can stick with Android long-term.

I have the opportunity to pick up an original Motorola Droid (A855) for next to nothing, which I would then activate on a prepaid Verizon plan or possibly flash to Cricket. Googling around a bit, I've managed to find one Ice Cream Sandwich ROM, but it's in pre-pre-alpha stage and every build of it seems to lose some critical functionality. One build can't make calls, others don't have audio, can't use the camera, etc.

Does anyone know of any good ROMs for the Droid? And more frankly, is pre-ICS Android even worth using? I've spent years assuming that it wasn't, and I keep hearing that ICS is the first "mature" Android release so far. Any further insight would be appreciated.

Here's the phone:
And here's the Ice Cream Sandwich ROM: