The last we heard of Sony's rumored IPTV ambitions was a fairly non-commital "never say never," but now an executive has shed some light on what's been taking the company so long. Sony Network Entertainment VP and GM Michael Aragon told the Variety Entertainment & Technology Summit that Comcast's policy of capping bandwidth is putting the company off making a move:

These guys have the pipe and the bandwidth. If they start capping things, it gets difficult.

Comcast has come under fire of late for its decision not to count data from its Xfinity video-on-demand service towards broadband bandwidth caps, with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings accusing the company of violating net neutrality principles. Aragon reportedly says that Sony is waiting for the situation to play out, wary of the competitive advantage that Comcast currently holds. For now, Sony has plenty of video-on-demand options such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video through the PlayStation 3 and other devices, but it could be a while before we see any cable partnerships come into view.