I need a Facebook ICS widget

I want to start this off by saying that ICS widgets are the shit. The built in google ones, the widget that comes with Tasks, The built-in calendar. plenty of love to go around. If you dont' have ICS, you want it just for these widgets.

Whats lacking in the ICS widget ecosystem is facebook and twitter. I've tried pretty much every scrolling facebook and twitter widget there is: APW, Colorize, Wizz, BW, friendcaster, TABR, everything. Even some obscure one with less than 50 installs. All of them suck. If you turn on strict mode, you'll see the screen flash red from even scrolling onto their homescreen pane, and as soon as you try to scroll, you'll be confronted by a jittery, red-flashy, frustrating mess. None of them updates consistently, and they all have truly awful settings UIs.

I used to use launcherPro, but it doesn't work with new ICS widgets, however Fede's facebook and twitter widgets are amazing. They are perfectly smooth and stutter free and had a pretty solid built-in theme engine.

Is there some mythical unicorn widget for facebook that isnt' awful? Does anyone know why Fede is the only person on the planet who has made a good facebook widget? Does anyone know why facebook hasn't?