When Sega’s "holographic game" Time Traveler arrived on the scene in 1991 it looked like it was going to revolutionize the face of arcades. A curved mirror, CRT TV, and stereographic Laserdisc made the action appear like it was floating in front of you in 3D space, while you used a joystick and button to navigate a series of Dragon’s Lair-style quicktime events. The game was a brief success, but Sega could have never foreseen the smash Street Fighter II became, and despite Time Traveler's innovative presentation, its simple move-jump-shoot repetition couldn't compete with the deep fighting mechanics and addictive head-to-head gameplay Capcom brought to the table. Sega’s response was Holosseum, a fighting game in the vein of Street Fighter but using the holographic Time Traveler cabinet — the company's second and last experiment with the technology.