In addition to Thorsten Heins' discussion of BlackBerry 10 licensing and enterprise support, the RIM CEO also addressed one of the biggest issues currently facing his company: its struggles in the US market. Heins frankly admitted that RIM has an "uphill battle" in the US after missing the mark for the past couple of years. He specifically repeated his tongue-in-cheek claim that RIM was "too innovative on our touch solution," a reference to the failed "SurePress" system on the original BlackBerry Storm that combined physical movement with a touchscreen. "We are where we are," Heins said, but he believes RIM will be "a strong contender again" with BlackBerry 10.

"I'm not here to be just in the game."

In fact, Heins didn't shy away from RIM's old, headstrong attitude towards its chances of success in the US market. With BlackBerry 10, "I actually expect us to regain marketshare in the US," he said. We doubt that RIM has any illusions that it will be able to unseat either iOS or Android from their dominant positions in the market, but nevertheless Heins' target isn't to plod along with low marketshare and an an exclusive enterprise focus. "We're here to win, very very clearly. I'm not here to be just in the game."