Steve Jobs may not have had the chance to take on the role of Willy Wonka like he wanted, but it turns out that he did manage to grab another surprising role — former US president Franklin D. Roosevelt. In 1984 Apple produced a short film called 1944 in which Jobs played the role of FDR, and Network World managed to get its hands on a copy thanks to former Apple employee Craig Elliott. The 9-minute-long clip is a follow-up to the company's famous ad "1984," according to Elliott, and there's even a guest appearance from Anya Major, best known for tossing the hammer in that commercial. 1944 reportedly cost $50,000 to make and was only used internally as an inspirational tool for Apple's sales team. Thankfully, it's now available for the world to see, though you might have a hard time getting used to Jobs and his new accent. You can check out the clip in its entirety here.