Canon’s fix for the top LCD light leak issue affecting some of its 5D Mark III DSLRs is a piece of black tape on the underside of the offending display (pictured top right). While it’s a perfectly good fix, it may come as a disappointment to Mark III owners hoping for some kind of high-tech solution.

When we first heard that Canon was offering free inspections to 5D Mark III owners, it was still an open question whether the company might halt shipments while it figured out a fix for its new bodies (turns out it did). When, a bulk buyer of DSLR bodies, got its first shipment of post-fix 5D Mark IIIs, it cracked one open to see what had been changed and noticed the "very cool black tape they use to cover circuit boards." It's good to know the fix is so simple, since it obviates the need for a major body redesign.