You might need to be of a certain age to appreciate it, but if you are, you won't find a more enjoyable 90 seconds on the internet today than you will playing Perfect Strangers: Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now. In it, you'll control Balki Bartokomous as he tries to collect enough stars to help you achieve your dream. Failure results in a poorly pronounced version of said dream — and we won't spoil what happens if you collect all the stars.

"The flame in my heart tells me to keep chasing my dreams like Balki."

We reached out to the developer, Jason Oda, who says that he spent about a month building the game. Despite the fact that Oda specialized in "Advergaming," he tells us that this game isn't that and the prominent iTunes links are a hedge to make sure the creators of the television show understand it's all in good fun. Why did Oda create the game, then? "Really the song is so inspiring and it really makes you feel that all your dreams are going to come true if you work hard enough. I wanted to share that with people." Schmaltzy? Sure, but so is Perfect Strangers, and we wouldn't have it any other way.