Minecraft: Wanna help me build this?

May I introduce what I like to call, the Siamaese Twins.

I have finally decided it's time to work on my first Vergecraft building other than my house.

I plan on building these things in the water. They have a connector that stretches over the sky rails. I'm not sure exactly where these will be, but I'd like it to be over the rail line running to Sea Town and the Pyramid, right off the coast of Verge City.


What is it?

Whatever you guys want to put in it. I'm not sure if i'll charge for floors/rooms (depending on what me and awright96 decide to do.) But i can promise if there is a fee, it will be very cheap. probably a few iron or free.

Where is it?

To get there from Verge City, (to teleport to The Nexus, in the middle of Verge City, type /spawn.)

1.) go to Grand Central Station.

2.) ride the sky rail leading to Sea Town and the Pyramid.

3.) When you start to leave Verge City and hit the sea, be on guard; you're approaching your destination.

4.) To your right you will see a large glass and stone structure. Just get out of your cart at the stairs and start building!

At the top, I want to put an open air park/garden area.

So, you guys want in? My username is welmr, by the way (:

As I'm typing this, awright96, and I are the only ones that are sure to work on this.

UPDATE #1: I had time to downsize the monster photos, so that helps quite a bit. More importantly, we have laid the base of the East Tower! We're already working hard on the first floor. What we really need now is smooth stone so we can start building the lobby! (More details on that later.)

UPDATE #2: Well, this update is a bit belated, but better late than never. Good news! the lobby floor is done! It is completely glass, so you can see the sea below. But we need your help! Right now we need to make the lobby. The lobby will be 15 blocks high, constructed of smooth stone and glass. There is plenty of cobblestone in the chest, so we need your coal and sand so we can move production along!

UPDATE #3: We are almost finished with the lobby! The thing that I really need from you guys is help.

Lucky for you, I hava proposition for you.

There are two towers. there will be 20 floors, each 5 blocks high. The first 5 floors will be divided into 1/4, the next 5 will be 1/2 and the last 10 will be full floors. (Keep in mind the area of the floors are enourmous, so even 1/4 likely is bigger than your house.)

Depending on how much you contribute (supplies, work time, etc.) You can reserve and have your own space in one of the towers! You can get one before they're opened to the public.

The best part? You can do whatever you want with them. If you want it to be your house, thats fine. If you want to put in a store, thats fine, restaurant that's acceptable. As long as you do not change any part of the structure, you're free to do what you want.

UDATE #4: Here are some pics of the East tower as of 5.8.2012. You can see them here. Please note the last two ppictures are obviously out of date... I uploaded all of the photos on my desktop not realizing they were still there.. woops.