Thinking of buying a Macbook Pro 13" after the refresh

greetings Apple Core!

so for the first time in my life, after 20 years of computing, i have enough money to seriously consider buying the basic configuration of the macbook pro 13", thinking of doing so after the imminent refresh.

I've been using windows for as long as i can remember, expect for the earliest childhood memory of playing "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?" on my dad's Macintosh in his office when i was a kid.

I often hear about the OS stability issues in MAC vs PC, but is that still a relevant issue now that W7 and W8 are here?

Also, what improvements can i expect from my $1300 mac machine vs a similarly specced $600 windows laptop? I know hardware will be a key differentiator, but in my experience MAC or PC, they are both hopelessly outdated about 2-3 years after you purchase one.

So what exactly can i expect for the extra $700?

Thanks guys, I've been racking my mind endlessly for a while now.