Samsung and Apple are all set to meet up for mediation tomorrow and Tuesday at a San Fransisco courthouse to attempt to come to an agreement and end their extended patent litigation, but JK Shin, head of the Korean company's mobile division gave a brief (and unsurprising) look into one way the two companies may come to an agreement: patent cross-licensing. According to Reuters, Shin told reporters before boarding a plane with the CEO Choi Gee-sung to San Francisco that "there is still a big gap in the patent war with Apple but we still have several negotiation options including cross-licensing." The two are expected to meet Apple CEO Tim Cook tomorrow at 9:30am local time as part of a mediation that Judge Lucy Koh ordered the two sides to go to. Judge Joseph Spero will be the mediator and will try to make some progress with the two companies, both of which have been in talks at certain points throughout the litigation to try a make a deal. If the mediation is unsuccessful, trial is set to begin in July at the soonest.