windows 8 sole problem + the company microsoft should buy

well i just closed my old macbook mini... and i feel disapointed...

i wanted to convert a video, i lunched the app store, picked one based on reviews, it was intalled and ready to use in minutes

then i was back on my windows and i relized, why did microsoft left the desktop apps fragmented ? even in the new windows store desktop applications will only be linked to thei creators website, so no version tracking, downloading or even updats.. thats a real shame

i mean i imagine if they did like apple they will have like 4 million desktop apps subbmitted in the first week, and ofcourse that means money for microsoft with each download, and makes it easier for windows user to manage his updates and that sort of things...

so am i missing something ?

btw : i began to search and i found this : , just go and watch their video and imaging, destop tablet and notebook senario