At the Art Of Apps gallery event in New York City last week, seven apps were projected on TV screens to display the best user interfaces iOS has to offer. In front of each screen were the creators and designers behind apps like Paper, Mixel, Tweetbot, Piictu, Path, and the upcoming Cameo. The event was curated by Khoi Vinh, one-time designer for, founder of iPad collage app Mixel, and influential design blogger at Even the event website, built using Splash, a new tool for creating social-network-integrated show pages, is gorgeous and very focused on "good design."

We spent a few minutes catching up with the team behind Paper, which recently hit 1.5 million downloads, Khoi Vinh, the duo behind Cameo — a video editing app launching soon — and a lot more. Here's the best of Art of Apps:

See below for the full interview with design guru and Mixel founder Khoi Vinh:

Note: although their apps were on display, Path and Tweetbot designers were ultimately unable to attend the event in person. We're sad about it, too.