After a week with an iPhone, i'm still struggling to see why people are enamoured by it

Like the Title suggests, i recently had the chance to spend a week with an iPhone 4S, i took the chance because often i am called an Apple hater (not too wrong, but for different reasons than you'd think) ,but when life gives you an opportunity like this,you take it, but now the week is over, I'm still trying to figure out why people are so enamoured by it.

now let me start off by saying i have owned iPhones before , a 3G and 3GS, and like i said i recently used a 4S for a week, so I'm not going from a plain never-used-an-iOS-device-so-i'm-going-to-hate-anyway position, but for what the big selling points of the iPhone is (4 and 4S) they didn't seem to captivate me all

the Retina Display, yeah it's pretty, but i got bored of it after about 10 minutes,and im not even going back to a 720p S-AMOLED display, im just going back to a WVGA TFT LCD panel of 3.5" , and have 20/20 vision, i am happy and content with the WVGA panel of my phone, colour reproduction is fine for me, yeah blacks arent perfect, but neither are they on the iPhone, the glass and the display arent laminated together like they are on the iPhone so there is a bit of a gap but again that doesnt bother me

the camera, yup the 4S has a pretty good camera, IMHO the Galaxy S II (and from shots from the device, Also the S III) have better ones, but the process of getting the photos off your iPhone and onto the computer is just so laborious and over complicated.

the "fluidity" of iOS, now this part is quite controversial, i had the iPhone 4S crash on me quite a few times,apps just closing down, apps hanging ,and they werent even 3rd party apps, the youtube app crashed on me and so did the messaging app, now when people talk about how smooth and fluid iOS is its because of how it renders stuff, when your are loading a web page for instance, when you touch the screen, its stops doing everything else, and purely focuses on your finger to give you the smoothest performance ever, and while that is all well and good, i kind if prefer it the android way, where it carries on loading the stuff in the background, it might not be as fluid, but you get stuff done "quicker"

well thats just my observation of spending a week with an iPhone 4S , i didnt talk about siri because its a bloody gimmick and the only thing i used it for was the "siri, where can i hide a body" joke, wasnt really useful after that. i also didnt talk about iTunes integration and the Appstore because i was only spending a week with it, i didnt want to buy any apps that i'd never use again,also i didnt buy any songs from itunes either.

what's your opinions, I am also going to post this in the Android Forums to see the different opinions , sound off below