Hulu Plus has been updated to version 2.5 with a major interface overhaul and a few new features. Top of the list is improved support for AirPlay mirroring. The app did support this before, but only as a direct feed from your device's screen — the result was a 4:3 video image with big bars on the side of your HDTV when streaming from an iPad. Now, using the mirroring option will send a 16:9 stream to your Apple TV, though it's not quite fullscreen. You can also view a series breakdown on the iPad itself while the video is playing. It's definitely a sub-optimal solution next to something like the dedicated PlayStation 3 app, but it'll be a big improvement for anyone who only has an Apple TV in their home entertainment setup. The app's HDMI-out functionality has also been similarly upgraded.

Aside from the AirPlay support there's a redesigned iPad interface, with a more visual queue and the ability to browse shows by genre. Hulu also promises bug fixes and a more optimized video player, and there's now Retina display support for the new iPad — a welcome addition, even if it won't magically bump your video streams to 2048 x 1536 resolution. The update is available now and the app is free, though you'll need a paid Hulu Plus subscription.

Thanks, Jesse!