Ideas to cut down spam

I've noticed a lot of spam. Well, a lot is an overstatement since the mods do such a great job. And here are just some ideas to cut down on the spam in the first place to lighten the load on the mods.

1) New users shouldn't be allowed to post links. A lot of spammers have only one post/comment before the mods ban and if users were required to have say five posts/comments before they are allowed to post links, it may or may not help.

2) This one is a better idea, in my opinion. Recently, spammers have been using URL shorteners. This isn't Twitter. There should be no need to use such services since there is no word limit. So just ban the use of URL shorteners until a user gets to say 50 or 100 posts/comments. I think the ban should be lifted because I've occasionally had trouble with posting URLs here and had to use a shorteners. This ban would make it where spammers would have to use the actual link or come up with some creative workaround.

Those are my ideas. What do you guys think? Anymore ideas?