At the 2012 Cable Show in Boston, Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead (seated second from right) just announced that the carrier will be launching a new mobile video platform called Viewdini, an announcement Mead calls "one of our most important of the year." Viewdini was described as "a mobile video portal for aggregation and delivery of mobile content," with Comcast's Xfinity announced as the first video partner for the new service. Mead said that Verizon's been working on the service for several years as a response to the consumer desire to "absorb any video on any device that they have any time they want" and noted that Verizon's LTE network helped make this platform a reality.

The long-term goal is for Viewdini to allow users to search through a wide variety of partners and not be tied down to one single video provider, though the service will obviously need more providers than just Xfinity to be useful. For Comcast's part, CEO Neil Smit said that "we have a partnership with Verizon Wireless, and its been a terfifc partnership for us. As content becomes more mobile, Verizon would be a great partner to help us discover that content.

It's not clear yet how this content will be delivered, or what exactly will be available, but Verizon and Comcast will be showing it off on the Cable Show floor this morning — as soon as the floor opens, we'll be heading down to see how it works. As for availability, the plan is to launch in the coming weeks, so we expect we'll quickly find out exactly how this new platform works.

Update: Verizon's PR has just been released, and it sounds like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and mSpot will also be on board when Viewdini launches. Additionally, we've learned that Viewdini will be an Android-only app for LTE devices, and will be available for download through Google Play when it launches.