Facebook hasn't tinkered much visually with the Timeline profile pages it's been rolling out for months now, but according to Talking Points Memo, the company has started quietly testing changes for certain users. The updated Timeline profile pages contain profile pictures flanked by information about you, your friends, photos, and more. This information is currently symbolized by colorful tiles beneath your profile photo. Lastly, a new "Summary" tab contains a list of Life Events (like graduating from school) that you've posted to Facebook.

Effectively, the change opens up more space for content on your Timeline, instead of cluttering the top of your page with information. The redesign recalls About.me profile pages, which frequently include light-colored text describing a person over a dark background image. While the redesigned Timeline page looks good, we wouldn't expect this to be the final version Facebook rolls out. The company has invested a lot of time recently making "tiles" work on profiles (both on desktop and for mobile), so we'd expect these tiles to make appearances, albeit beside your profile picture versus below it. Facebook told us, "We can confirm this is a small test, but don't have anything further to share at this time."