External Hard Drive Back-up


I have been looking for services to Back-up my external Hard drive (I got several but I need to back-up at least the 1 that is most important for me)

I have do not want computer back-up since my computer is free of stuff, I put everything on my external Hard drives.

I have been looking at services like Carbonite, Blackbaze, Google Drive and Dropbox

Google Drive wasnt an option they wanted 50 dollars a month pr 1 TB
Dropbox - No. They wanted 20 dollars a month for only 100 GB
Blackbaze - Perhaps, I think they offer about the same as carbonite? I'm waiting for an answer from them.
Carbonite - Well, 100 dollars a year for unlimited back-up is nice, but thats for my computer as well, I only need for External hard drive - This seems to be my best option.

External Hard drive info: 1 TB (I need 1 TB storage)

Do you guys have any recommendations?
Please throw a link my way!