Your favourite gaming moments?

This will contain spoilers

We all have favourite memories of games, either a piece of action or (cut)scene which is really memorable for whatever reason, old or new. What's yours?

I'll go first, these stood out for me.

Metal Gear Solid 4

The part which Snake returns to the Shadow Moses Facility and he is 'remembering' his previous experience there, you play the level in PS1 quality detail as it was in the original game. I dunno why, but this really tickled the nostalgia glands, really brought me all back to the days of MSG1. It was executed perfectly, with voiceovers and the original score murmuring from the original game. Really thought that was incredible.

Final Fantasy X

Finding out Auron is dead. Dunno why, it's not like it made a massive difference to the storyline or anything, but it was a shock to the system at the time, hah! I didn't really care about storytelling in games until I played FFX, I really enjoyed it's storyline and felt like it opened my eyes to RPGs. Something about this scene stuck with me, I think maybe I was just as shocked as the main characters or something, difficult to explain.

The Curse of Monkey Island

This was the first I played in the series, the third game. I had never really played a point and click adventure game before, and this was a real treat. I've since played them all. It's wittyness was endless, but the insult sword fighting... I had never experienced something like that before! It's nuts! And then in French..!

Honourable mentions

The Neverhood: (Win95ish) where you kill yourself in a giant hole, despite the warnings ("IF YOU GO DOWN HERE, YOU WILL DIE. IT IS THE ONLY PLACE YOU CAN DIE IN THE GAME." Lost about an hours work there!)

Commandos 2: Men of Courage (Demo): Me and my bro played the demo of this for hours and hours and hours. We eventually finished it (was just 1 level) and the relief was incredible. Then when we got the full game - they had added a load of features which made it simple! Bah! Gah! Felt cheated!