Former iPhone owner Katy McCaffrey now has a public Facebook photo album that she shares with an unwitting partner: a Disney cruise ship employee named Nelson who's apparently been snapping photos on the stolen smartphone and automatically uploading them to McCaffrey's Facebook account. Within the "stolen iPhone adventures" gallery, which you can see here, are photos of Nelson's supposed love interest, his friends, and other mundane happenings aboard the ship that McCaffrey has taken the liberty to narrate with ad-libbed captions. In a comment on the album, she says that the iPhone "was stolen on board the Disney Wonder cruiseline back in April," and that "his photos are just making it to my photostream." While Nelson's employer is likely to put an end to his alleged criminal mischief sooner rather than later, we can't help but hope it floats by undetected a little longer — we're just now getting to know him.