Previous WebOS users, What OS have you moved to and are satisfied with?

Hey everyone,

Just curious what previous WebOS users use now and are actually happy of what they use. I was a launch Sprint Pre owner/WebOS user for a long time and made the switch to Windows Phone 7 when HP killed off the smart phone support. WebOS's multitasking and notifications were great and when I switched to WP7 it seemed like a step backwards. WP7's gui is decent and fluid but multitasking is really bad, notifications are basic, and even a lack of a notification light (at least on my focus) was a small annoyance. I recently went from a Focus S to a Pre3 and probably won't switch back to Windows Phone until I see whats in store for WP8. The lack of apps really doesn't bother me, its mainly the ability to actually multitask easy and have good use of notifications. People who switched to iOS and Android, what do you guys think and prefer?