Amazon dropped a pair of video-related announcements today, both related to its expanding library of content. The first is a new store within Amazon called "Never Before on DVD," which offers DVDs made on-demand for content that, as the name implies, has not yet been released on DVD. Amazon says that 2,000 titles are available, and some of that same content should also be available to stream on Amazon's Instant Video service. Most of the content appears to be not-so-popular TV series and some classic movies, but we're sure that you could find some gems hidden in there.

Amazon has also announced that it has struck a deal with Paramount Pictures to offer "hundreds" of its movies via the Prime Instant Video service, including titles like Mission Impossible 3, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Top Gun to customers who have ponied up for the $79-a-year service. The agreement is good for the next three years, though the window for when new movies will become available on the service looks like it will be fairly long, if the titles Amazon has namechecked are any indication. The addition of Paramount's library wasn't enough for Amazon to update the total number of videos it claims to offer, the company is still sticking with the 17,000 titles estimate that we heard just over a month ago.