MS should make WP and Windows RT free

No, seriously. Eldar Murtazin's tweeted some quite believable stuff recently. One of his comments was that WindowsRT tablets are using hardware equivalent to that of a flagship Android tablet but that OEMs/ODMs will make less profit on them due to the software licensing.

My thought is - given the WinRT and WP App Stores, does Microsoft actually need to collect $10-15 per unit sold? When they're taking 30% of the sale price of every app sold, that profit stream should actually be exceeded.

Making the OS free would encourage OEMs to produce these devices by increasing their profit margins, or allowing them to discount more vigorously.

I'm not suggesting that Windows 8 (x86/x64) should be free (although I certainly wouldn't complain). But the mobile offerings need to gain traction. A price barrier is the last thing MS need right now.