Siri Vs Samsung S-Voice

I'm sure everybody's gone through the video attached in the article – Siri Vs S-Voice Comparison Video.

Here's it if you haven't seen it yet –

Siri v S Voice (via TheVerge)

I've seen Vlad say at a number of times that S-Voice is very similar to Siri.

To quote:

Apple's Siri, introduced as the big new feature in the iPhone 4S, is facing its biggest competitor to date in Samsung's S Voice, an extremely similar voice-activated mobile assistant that will make its retail debut with the Galaxy S III early next week.

The point of this post is to simply ask all of you guys – Do you really not see the similarity b/w the two implementations? Basically its just one implementation in two different fonts.

How can Samsung simply just copy the entire user interface that made Siri so much popular among geeks and the regular folks? Are we so ignorant that we are simply talking about the microphone icon whereas the entire thing just looks way similar to the original implementation with Siri?

I'm sure if people cared about design, originality and innovation, they'd be ashamed by this level of copying by Samsung. I'm not saying that companies don't copy or that they don't make similar products. But this level of copying, where there is no value addition, the continuous rebuttal of its actions by Samsung and everyone trying to defend this, is beyond me & everyone who appreciates innovation at the very least. Sorry about the rant but I just couldn't take it.

Moreover (a side rant here-), it seems like people, as in respected editors at these blogs just don't have the balls to come out and say –

Hey Samsung! Nice try. But get over with your copying. We've had enough!

Don't take me wrong but you people are the ones educating the little ones. I for one think that we need to be a bit more responsible.

(Apparently, this is not how I wanted my first post to be.)