The long-awaited DLC and updates for acclaimed iOS game Infinity Blade 2 have hit the iTunes Store. As we mentioned before, Version 1.2 adds the "Vault of Tears" DLC, which includes new areas, items, enemies, and social features. The update, free for anyone who's already bought the game, promises a deeper look into the history of protagonist Siris and adds a number of new achievements, as well as a Treasure Map feature for getting more items and rewards.

If you don't own the game, it's currently on sale for $2.99, a good deal compared to the previous $6.99 or the launch price of $9.99. The developers have also promised to make any further DLC free as well. Another pack is apparently "on the horizon," promising some more story. "The Worker of Secrets isn't the only person locked away in the tower," it says, "and a relic from the distant past comes to light!"