Why I love HTC


So I just saw a Update guide for HTC and I am amazed by the number of devices. I have a Desire HD so I'm stoked that it will receive a official ICS update. Now I am in the position where I must choose between the One X and the Galaxy S III. I want to go for the Samsung because of the large replaceable battery, because I feel that battery life is more important than a beautiful phone.

The thing is, I am kind of worried that Samsung has decided not to update the original Galaxy S. The Galaxy S and the Desire HD are the same generation, so I HTC can update its phone, why can't Samsung. HTC also (sort of) unlock the bootloader on its devices so if your device is not updated in the future you can hop onto XDA and do it yourself.

I'm afraid that Samsung forgets about me in a year or so and only cares about its then flagship device. I don't really care because I will probably root my phone anyway and install a custom ROM. I suppose its just a moral problem that I have with Samsung because the original Galaxy can easily run ICS, if the Desire C with a 600Mhz processor can run ICS and Sense 4.0 then the Galaxy can definitively run it. It is also not as if Samsung has a lack of resources.

Am I crazy to not trust Samsung because very likely my phone can be left in the dark in a years time?

Via - http://bit.ly/Mwvx52