I love iTunes. "My controversial confession."

iTunes. Mythical application hated by many, forced as the only way to use your ios device, slow, painful and oversized. Well.. I love it and I can't really imagine living without it.

Just to clarify some things - my iTunes library is pretty big - 3 TB kind of big. Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, iTunes U, Books, Apps , Tones and Radio. Yes, I use it all. I simply cannot imagine managing all of this without iTunes. There is no other app like that. I love Smart Playlists, automatic podcasts downloads, wireless syncing with all my devices.

I love iTunes for the exactly same reasons other people hate it. So..

Why people hate iTunes:

1. I can't drag and drop to stuff to iPhone. Apple forces me to use this stupid iTunes software that makes it complicated.

Seriously? Drag and drop? That would take like ages. There are new TV episodes everyday, new podcasts, new albums. I don't have a time to copy that to all my devices manually. I want to pick up my iPad and find my new tv shows already there waiting for me. I want to open iPod app on my iPhone and start listing to new episode of Vergecast.

2. iTunes is too big. Let's split it into separate apps. Music, Videos, TV Shows, Podcasts, iTunes Store..

Whoa! Stop right there. That's crazy. separate apps? That would be like global disaster. I feel very protective about this one. It's like saying "come on! United States of America are too big and complicated. Let's just split it into smaller, independent countries. That would simplify everything. No, it wouldn't. I love iTunes the way it is as a one consolidated media library and content management software.

3. It's a mess! I have my music in nice folders but when copied to iTunes, it splits into songs, with no names, artists etc.

I'm a control freak. All my media files are properly tagged with covers, descriptions, years and all the small details that most people don't care about. Majority of my songs do even have BPM info so I can get that playlist that will be in sync with my running. How cool is that?:D

4. Home sharing doesn't work. It's a mess. Duplicate files. Messed up covers.

Home sharing is brilliant and beautiful when everything is tagged properly. I would especially recommend Subler, MP4Tools and Handbreak. This combo makes every video iTunes friendly.

What I would love to see in the next version of iTunes.

  • New name. iTunes is not only about music anymore. Call it iHub or something.
  • More grouping options in Books + built-in book reader.
  • Genius thing that would notify me when my favorite artist release new album and similar stuff for TV Shows and movies.
  • Copying files to 3rd-party apps on iOS is a joke. I will probably write about iOS claustrophobia next time.
  • Not really iTunes, but in hypothetical iHub app, I would love to see integration of documents. iTunes for documents. That would make my day. iHub + Aperture to rule all my digital life.
  • and iTunes Unlimited. Annual fee to get everything you want.
What do you think?
Thanks for reading, and, since English is not my first language, don't hesitate to correct my grammar. I'd love to get some feedback from you:)