Josh, it's your dream smart watch!

Well, sorta.

Remember when the creater of the Pebble Smart watch called in during a Vergecast, and Josh was going on about how he wanted one that had the traditional round face? Well, here it is!

At least, kind of. It's not nearly as intelligent as the Pebble. It's basically an anolog watch that has certain images that light up depending on the type of notification you get. Facebook notification from an iPhone or Android? little social application icon glows. Phone call? Little phone icon glows. Oh, a little beep goes off. So on and so forth.

So, it's not really what things like Pebble have us thinking of when we think of smart watches, but hey, it's what Josh wanted, right? Round analog face, notifications, works over bluetooth, android and iPhone. And it's a "smart watch".

Oh, and bonus, the battery lasts a whole freaking year.