The Asus Transformer Prime has been the standard-setting Android tablet ever since it came out last year. It's well-made and beautifully designed, has a screaming fast Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, and after an update it runs Android 4.0, a much-improved version of the operating system.

At $499, though, the Transformer Prime competes directly with the iPad, and that's a hard race to win. The new Transformer Pad (TF300T) costs a more palatable $379, putting it in competition with the Galaxy Tab 2, iPad 2, and a couple of other 10-inch tablets. It's the little brother in Asus's tablet lineup, replacing the original Transformer as the more affordable option. To get to such an appealing price point, Asus did make a few sacrifices: the Transformer Pad's processor, display and build quality are all a step below the Transformer Prime. From the keyboard dock to the Tegra 3, though, the Transformer bloodline remains strong.

A lot of Android tablets have come along since the Transformer Prime, but none have unseated it as the best of the bunch. With few sacrifices and a lower price, can the Transformer Pad reign over the mid-tier market as well? Let's find out.