Microsoft Skydrive misconduct.

So my Skydrive got shut down due to misconduct.

My own fault, first offense, uploaded WinXP i386 folder taken from my home PC to Skydrive in order to download to my office PC so could run a system file checker.

I've no complaints about this, I was in the wrong and will not repeat this nor any other infringement as I have now read the Skydrive code of conduct.

Raised a support request "You Skydrive will be re-activated within 24hours and you have 48hours to delete the offending content" which is fair enough but.....

Me: Raised support request.

Microsoft: We have received a recent request to reactivate your Windows Live Profile account, however upon investigation we found out that it was already deleted. But you can always create a new Windows Live Profile account

Me: My Windows Live account, which I raised the suppirt request from is working fine. So I have to create an entirely new mailbox to get my skydrive working again?

Has anyone encountered this and do I really need to create a new Windows Live account to get Skydrive back? If this is indeed the case I suppose there is no way of transferring my current email address?

If so this seems a major flaw, primarily because I've no skydrive :), but considering Windows 8 and currently WinPho7 integrate with Skydrive and Windows Live isn't this going to lead to a plethora of issues as the tech savy let alone your average user do not read through EULA and Codes of Conduct?