Have you had an Android Nightmare phone experience?


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Some of us may be new to android phones, or we might be on our 4th or 5th model. Maybe you jumped on board with a popular handset like the original Motorola Droid, or maybe your first was an obscure model like the Samsung Behold. What I am wondering is have any of you had an android phone that was just unbearably terrible to the point of being a cautionary tale? Here's my story and maybe you will share yours.

My first android phone was a Motorola CLIQ on T-Mobile. The name may not ring any bells with some of you, but the a select few, this phone was the stuff that horror stories are made of . It was the first phone Motorola made running android, and at the time it was run of the mill spec wise. This was a time when the G1 was still on the market, so we are talking the early days of android, Cupcake to be precise. It was a qwerty landscape slider with a tiny 3.2 or so inch screen.

Calling the phone buggy would make it seem like there were moments of smooth sailing. The phone would overheat, and randomly render it non-responsive to any inputs, and came loaded with the first and most bloated version of cartoony MotoBLUR (which touted the feature of confusing all of your social network feeds into one stream of social diarrhea). It was fine for a little while, because I didn't know any better. Three or so months later, Motorola releases the Droid, the first phone with Eclair. Moto promised an update to the CLIQ, and boy why would they have done that. By the time it came out, other phones were on Froyo with Gingerbread on the way and the Android Market had little left in it that still ran on cupcake phones. The update took well over a YEAR past the date it was promised to arrive, and it ran so slowly on the meagerly spec'ed phone that T-mobile recommended DOWNGRADING to make the phone usable again.

Imagine taking a minute to type a full phone number, as you put in numbers between fits of freezing and crashing. It was such a nightmare that I never bought an android phone with a custom skin again. I went from the CLIQ, to the HTC T-mobile G2, to the LG T-mobile G2X, to my beloved Galaxy Nexus. The early days of Android were wild and wooly, fraught with the perilous pitfalls of choosing the wrong phone from the wrong manufacturer. I know many of us have stories like this and I would like to hear some of them! Go ahead, vent about your nightmare!