Re-imagine Productivity (Win 9 or 8.5)

I think MSFT has all the dots inplace to re-imagine productivity @ win8.5 or 9.

User of IE10 Metro will know that there is an option to 'view on desktop'.
What if, there is an option to 'work' in microsoft canvas.

The canvas will load Tools / Gadgets, depending on the type of media or document it is getting. If that is a video or images ... user will have Tool bars or plates related to those assets.

User can unlock canvas and semantic zoom out .... insert text / table. To turn it into a document / presentation / 'spreadsheet'. (something like MS office lab's pptplex)

With win8 contracts architecture in place, user can pull in more 3rd party Tools / Gadgets.
User no longer need to go in and out / switch applications. Their creativity and work flow will not be interrupted. Their focus and concentration will remain on their work.

User can search for tools via canvas's taskbar or scroll thru available tools on that bar. //not the full page search.
Basically the canvas is like a workbench, locking the pieces in place and user grap the required tool, hammer ... welding torch .. etc, to work on it.

The canvas might look abit like current desktop. But the usage is abit different. Current desktop behaviour will be obsoleted. Bypassing the needs to allow programming for desktop, in WinRT. As there is no more desktop. The workspace is a canvas with tools or gadget loaded on the fly.

User can access a new blank canvas, like how they access current 'desktop' @ metro.

If user does not like MSFT canvas. Other company might be allowed to produce their own canvas, example Adobe feel that they can produce better canvas ... however user can still call out MSFT tool in that canvas, example MSFT tool is better at what-if analysis ...

User can download purchase tools / gadgest but if they insist they can get entire canvas for their productivity work.

Thanks for reading.