According to The Globe and Mail, RIM is getting ready to axe at least 2,000 employees in "the next couple of weeks." The move would see the struggling company's workforce drop to about 14,500, and it comes after it has seen multiple high-level executives leave — including former co-CEO Jim Balsille. RIM also made a similar move in the summer of last year, when it laid off 2,000 employees alongside a shuffle of its executives. The Globe and Mail cites "several people close to the company" saying that the worldwide layoffs could come as soon as June 1st and will hit a broad spectrum of the company, including "senior positions in RIM's legal division to human resources, finance, sales and marketing." The news today comes after a poor Q4 earnings report in March that saw a 21 percent drop in smartphone shipments and news earlier this week that the executive vice president of global sales, Patrick Spence, had resigned from the Waterloo-based company. RIM is set to reveal its Q1 results on June 2nd, and we'll be keeping a close eye on what CEO Thorsten Heins has to say when the time comes.