The Verge has its very own Minecraft server, and since its launch back in March our readers have worked together tirelessly to erect some impressive structures. The biggest effort to-date is the Oceana Mega-Pyramid super-project, inspired by a wild Japanese architectural concept, which has taken thousands of hours of labor in Survival mode to complete. To celebrate this accomplishment we're temporarily opening up the server to all comers starting at 6PM ET, where players will be invited to tour the Oceana pyramid and party at the virtual night club that sits atop the structure. Simultaneously, we'll be running The Verge's room to pump out some sweet jams. And, of course, there will be plenty of virtual cake to pass around.


Here's what you need to get into Minecraft:

  1. A paid registration of Minecraft.
  2. The most recent copy of the game or the in-browser version (both require Java).

Once you have all those component parts, open up Minecraft, log-in, and then add The Verge's server info under the multiplayer option.

Vergecraft server info:

Once you're in the server, look for signs to the Mega-Pyramid's night club, or check out any of the server's other scenic locales, including the original Verge City. If you're a fan of Vergecraft and want to play more after the launch party, be sure to submit an application to be added to our server whitelist.

Oh, and if you're looking around for our room:

Oh, and if you're not in the US and so hates you, here's the Spotify playlist version of the DJ set.

Here are some scenes from our last virtual party: