For something that we use so infrequently, the printer takes up a hugely disproportionate amount of desk space. Sure, there are plenty of tiny printer designs out there already, but designer Yang Jae Wook wants to take things in a different direction with Circle, a "courteous printer" concept. Circle is designed to rotate a piece of paper around a vertical drum before ejecting the printed page, curled around the device’s exterior for the smallest possible footprint. Unlike that weird circular printer concept that we saw from Samsung in the mid–2000s, Circle uses a completely traditional printing mechanism, only flipped on its side.


As good as Circle looks, the curled prints would probably require a thorough smoothing regimen before you’d want to hand them to your boss. Still, the idea of putting only the smallest-area face of the printer's drum on your desk seems so commonsense, we’re a little surprised we haven’t seen something like this in stores already.