Getting a phone, S III or One X ?

Hello everyone ..

I'm planning to get a phone, I had HTC Desire and was completely satisfied with it, later on I took Sony Xperia S, a very wrong decision, and now I'm selling it to get one of this two beasts ..

First thing, I'll root the phone after a week or two to get sure that I don't have any hardware faults .. So touchWiz and Sense are not a problem for me ..

But now I'm confused which one to get, BTW both of them sold for the same price on my carier ..

The Samsung is better for:

Battery life : Sammy's have much higher capacity, I don't think that HTC's gonna take me through the day, I kept my blackberry just for texting via whatsapp and BBM because my Xperia didn't make a half day with my massive use of IM.

SD Card: It's a useful thing, I missed it after moving from Desire to Xperia.

Accessories : Samsung is much more popular here in my country, so finding accessories for it is easier.

Performance: Exynos is better than Tegra 3, even US One X that uses S4 have better numbers than Tegra 3.

HTC One X:

Design and Build Quality : Will, nobody can argue with this, My wife has Galaxy Nexus and I really hate that plastic on it.

Screen : Again, they are incomparable, HTC's is much better.

I'm really confused, waiting for your suggestions ..