TV OS - Who'll be the first?

I recently think a lot about how the big three (Google, Apple, Microsoft) currently building their own ecosystems and how it begun some time ago. Right now, all of them have a PC OS, Phone OS, Tablet OS, Appstores, and Services like Mail, Cloud, Office things and more.

However after the first iPhone release, other OEMs tried to push into the smart phone market with their own, mostly unbelievably bad, phone OS' until Andriod came along - a plattform for phones for everybody (OEMs) like Windows for PCs. Microsoft joined the party with WP and now i can't stop thinking how similar this process is to what we see in the TV world right now.

As screens become touch, TVs get WiFi and everything becomes connected, the TVs get Apps. But every OEM is building their own TV OS much like with phones before. Right now i'm waiting everyday to read an announcement that either Google or MSFT releases a TV OS - joining their ecosystem and finally including every device in a household into it (except your fridge, yet).

I just hope they don't wait for Apple to do it. I'd love, if my next TV got "Windows TV 8" on it, syncing with my PC, Tablet and Phone and having one unified experience.

What do you guys think about a TV OS ? Who will do it (if they do it)?