The moniker of 'smart-phone'

Tom Warren wrote this post earlier today about 'low-end' Windows Phone devices. The long and short is that the cheaper devices (with 256mb of RAM) are unable to install certain apps;

Skype, Tango, Angry Birds, and PES 2012 all refuse to install at the moment, presenting a RAM warning in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

- Tom Warren

I wrote a comment (pasted below for reference) and I'd be interested in hearing some opinions on the matter.

I think that with phones like these that are designed to be of ‘lower-quality’, that we’re going to have to start questioning the boundaries that makes up what we call ‘smart-phones’. Vlad had an interesting point in his Galaxy S III review, that he didn’t really have any apps/games that he could truely use to test the phone, because the hardware had gotten to the point of easily besting whatever was thrown at it (and was available at the time). Then, on the other hand, you have phones like the phones above with (though admittedly a completely different operating system and ecosystem- being WP7), which are unable to even play games/install system updates that most people would be considered standard. Is this phone a dumb smartphone? Is the Galaxy S III a super phone? There are ill-defined boundaries here, denoted only by the title ‘smart-phone’, which I think is becoming not only over-used, but ill-used.

You'll have to excuse some of the awkward phrasing in the comment above. My kingdom for an edit button!

What I'm asking is, with the 'smart-phone' becoming a term that is embracing almost every device, from the smaller, low-end WP7 (in this instance) or power-house phones like the Galaxy S III and One X, at what point is the designation of 'smart-phone' inappropriate? I remember last year, that some phones were called 'super phones' (HTC was guilty of this).

Is it time to start digging out more labels for our pocketable devices, like laptop makers have already done with netbooks, ultra-books, and sleekbooks?

Mini-smart-phone, ultra-smart-phone, sleek-phone?