Not to be outdone by Apple and every other contender in the music streaming space, Samsung is today officially introducing its overhauled Music Hub application — which now includes a £9.99 / €9.99 Premium option to allow you to stream music from a library of 19 million tracks through either a web browser or up to five authorized devices. Moreover, you can listen to customizable radio stations or upload your own music, using the recently announced scan-and-match service, for anything that isn't in the vast catalog Samsung already offers. TJ Kang, Senior Vice President for Samsung's Media Solution Center, describes this as the first time Samsung has really built up a service from scratch, however the core functionality here will be provided by the guys from mSpot — who were acquired by Samsung earlier this month — while 7 Digital is in charge of providing the vast selection of music.

"We want to have the largest catalogue. We want to be bigger than Apple."

Samsung's ambitions are as lofty as you would expect from the Korean giant, with Kang admitting that "we haven't done much in the content space but that's changing." Ubiquity will be a big part of Samsung's play with the new Music Hub, as its present launch on the Galaxy S III will be expanded to earlier devices like the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note, Samsung's Smart TV range, audio docks, and even smart fridges. Plus, it will be made a standard feature on future Samsung smartphones. A browser-based media player will let you access the Music Hub anywhere you are, while apps for iOS and other platforms are also being developed. The goal is to distribute the service as widely as Samsung's ChatON instant messaging application. Eventually, Kang would like to see Samsung at the top of the heap, expressing a commonly held desire within the company to be "bigger than Apple." That all starts today with the initial rollout on the Galaxy S III in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, with more markets and devices to follow.